Saving you money!

Everyone is good at something. We are really good at stopping infiltration, STOPPING HUGE AMOUNTS OF INFILTRATION, and saving taxpayers lots of money on unnecessary water treatment! Check out the video’s and pictures of this massive leak we found pushing through a T-Lock lined existing 72” manhole. We identified where the source of the infiltration was coming from by removing the existing T-Lock liner in sections. Once located we went to work, but first for a little fun we wanted to see how fast we could fill a 6-gallon bucket! We filled it in 6 seconds! That’s a gallon of water every second, 60 gallons a minute, 3,600 gallons every hour, and 86,400 gallons every 24-hrs! It’s very satisfying when your customer tells you they had a significant drop in flows.
We have a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. Integrity represents the best in our space!

Richard Mason
President 208-960-2883
Office: (208) 442-4470
24/7 Emergency Phone: Cody Aberasturi -Vice President (208) 960-2729

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